Support Coordination Academy Toolkit

The toolkit gives users a comprehensive system for delivering Support Coordination service, or the plan implementation part of the LAC role. The processes and tools work together to guide practice and empower participants.

Support Coordination Pathway: Maps and Processes

The Pathway details end-to-end activities across five stages:


Understand community, mainstream and funded supports


Connect with participants


Turn the NDIS Plan into an Action Plan


Link to Supports


Coach, Refine & Review

The Pathway is explained using a high level process map showing key elements across all stages. Each stage is then broken down further with its own detailed process map and detailed activity descriptions.

It’s an essential practice resource for providers and is supported by a number of powerful service delivery tools.

Support Coordination Pathway: Maps and Processes

Community and mainstream mapping template

A structure for teams to identify strengths and areas for improvement in their knowledge of community and mainstream supports

Funded provider strengths template

A structure for Support Coordinators to explore and understand the service offerings and strengths of other funded service providers.

Contact checklist

Supports staff members in the initial contact with a prospective customer, ensuring that crucial information is gathered and key messages are provided.

Projected Support Pattern Calculator

Enables Support Coordinators to quickly develop a plan for how Support Coordination hours will be used across the year, enabling transparency and expectation management with participants.

Plan Unpacking Guide

Guides the Support Coordinator through the process of assisting the participant to understand their plan and for an action plan to be developed.

NDIS Budget Calculator

Makes the process of exploring budget flexibility and support options much simpler for participants and Support Coordinators.

Participant Confidence Scale

Explores participant confidence in a range of domains that form the core of Support Coordination (and plan implementation) success. It also assists the participants to reflect on and understand their progress.

Action Plan Template and Guide

Helps the Support Coordinator and participant agree on and record what actions each will take and ensures Support Coordinators focus on empowering rather than “doing for”.

Choosing Providers Tool

Supports participants to approach, shortlist and evaluate potential providers for funded services. It also provides as a valuable (audit) record that the participant has had genuine choice.

Coaching Toolkit

Includes a number of coaching frameworks that assist Support Coordinators to manage conversations with participants to ensure quality outcomes.