Where is Support Coordination Academy based and do you work across Australia?

We all work virtually and are based across Australia. Please contact us anytime if you want to know more about our products and services.

Who can purchase the Support Coordination Academy resources?

SCA has worked with large, small and medium organisations as well as individual support coordinators, tailoring offerings which supports the unique needs of each context.

Have you tested the tools and training?

Yes, the tools, training and resources have been trialled and tested across a number of locations, services demographics in the past 18 months.  We are confident of the outcomes which can be achieved when utilising SCA resources, plus we’re always working to improve and add to the resources we make available.

Is this more suited to start up organisations who are not already providing support coordination?

We have found both start up and existing organisations benefit from the tools, resources and training.  Newer entrants to the market have the immediate benefit of a full suite of tools and expert training to begin their new service.

Organisations who have been delivering support coordination for some time, find the tools provide efficiencies and the training an in-depth refresher for staff who may have been trying to find their way through the current reforms.

Do we need to purchase the whole toolkit, or will you sell individual tools?

Together, the tools, processes and two day Support Coordination in Practice form a service delivery system, with each aspect reinforcing and supporting the others. We therefore provide these as a package. This helps us ensure we are contributing to practice that meets the expectations of both participants and the NDIA. We recognise that at times some tools will be more relevant to your individual circumstances than others, and will always work with you to ensure our offering fits seamlessly with the way your organisation work

Does the Academy provide access to ongoing support?

Ongoing support is available number of membership options.  These options assist organisations to embed and improve their practice and better transfer learning to the workplace. Membership can also provide organisations with access to updated resources and one on one advice and support around complex practice issues.

Does the academy provide training certificates?

The academy can provide certificates that recognise training participation if an organisation requests this.

Can we share the tools and resources?

Support Coordination Academy owns the copyright for the tools, resources and training and will work with you to agree on a contract that sets out the terms of use.  We are happy to discuss options with you to come together in communities of practice with other organisations in order to share costs if this is an issue.