Julie Patterson and Phillip Laidlaw founded Support Coordination Academy in 2015. Julie and Phil have more than 40 years of human services experience and have worked together in different settings for more than ten years. They bring complementary skills and perspectives to supporting organisations and participants. For the last five years both Julie and Phil have been consulting with governments and NGOs to design systems, facilitate learning and support change in preparation for the NDIS.

Julie Patterson

Julie’s expertise is in organisational development, cultural change, learning & development, facilitation and relationship management.  Julie study has included a variety of areas including Social Science/Psychology, English Literature, Secondary Education, and Applied Behavioural Analysis therapy.

She has personal experience in implementing self directed services for children with autism in remote locations. She has also led and implemented major change projects within Disability, Child Support and Aged Care services – with a specific focus on personalised approaches, and exceptional staff training programs.


Phillip Laidlaw

Phil has an Occupational Therapy background. His values are underpinned by work in major institutional reforms, which focused on the transition of people and families from living in large group settings to alternative community living arrangements.

He also worked with adults and families as a Supports Facilitator for a number of years. Phil went on to design service delivery systems, processes and tools for both federal and state governments and numerous NGOs, with a strong focus on crisis response, support linking and community development.

As required, Support Coordination Academy also calls on a number of other professionals with skills in facilitation, disability service delivery, instructional design, and information technology.